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Finding the Right Electronics Manufacturing Partner

In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for electronics manufactured with precision and efficiency in mind has never been greater. By the end of 2023, the global electronics industry is expected to hit $3,95 billion, a trend driven in part by the increasing implementation of advanced technology in every facet of the lives of average consumers.

Between advancements like next-generation AI and a revitalized interest in home robotics, the electronics industry experiences groundbreaking innovation on a regular basis. It’s essential to choose an electronics manufacturing partner who is able to evolve with the industry and keep up with the high standards of consumers.

What to Look For in an Electronics Manufacturing Partner

Innovative Support with Prototyping and DFM

Prototyping is one of the most essential steps in the design process for any electronic device or component. Finding a manufacturer who is experienced and skilled in this area provides the confidence that comes from being able to test tool and part design before ever going into full production.

Prototyping allows you to spot and address problems early on, and prevent mistakes later in the production process by troubleshooting perceived issues in a stage when alterations are cheaper and easier to execute.

Along with saving on cost, prototyping also enables the optimization and simplification of design features to maximize efficiency and end-product user experience. Changes can also be made to increase the viability of the final product and improve the design for manufacturability.

The goal of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is to design parts that are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture. The process allows for the optimization of designs and the adoption of robust tooling to produce parts that are defect-free and capable of standing up to the demands of specific applications.

With a manufacturer that keeps the prototyping process in-house and offers DFM expertise, you can expect a more profitable, streamlined manufacturing process that ensures reliable outcomes in your final products.

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A Focus on Precision and Tight Tolerances

The successful and efficient manufacturing of electronics requires ultimate precision. Between strict design parameters, complex interfaces, and larger systems that rely heavily on the functionality of every single smaller component, electronics manufacturers should possess experience in and knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing processes that can meet those high demands, such as:

  • Plastic insert molding and overmolding are two similar but distinct methods for combining parts. Both processes take into account the fragility of electronic components and provide protection from the environment for vulnerable parts and provide ease of assembly for your final product.
  • Precision metal stamping is the process of shaping metal sheets into specific shapes. This enables the shaping of small metal components with extremely tight tolerances. At LMC, this process is streamlined for high-volume manufacturing with a high degree of quality control and a commitment to consistency in parts.
  • In-die assembly facilitates the assembly of components within a stamping die, which enhances repeatability and error-proofing with automation. As it only requires a single setup to achieve multiple steps, this is a process that will save time and money, and further ensure the uniformity of electronic components.
  • Progressive die-stamping is a type of metal forming that converts a metal strip into a finished piece using one piece of equipment. With advantages similar to in-die assembly, such as streamlined production, increased precision, and enhanced repeatability, progressive die-stamping is ideal for complex electronic parts.
  • In-die tapping is the process of producing threads on the inside of a drilled hole in a part for the insertion of a fastener in the final application. This ensures the proper placement of threaded holes for precise final assembly and, with proactive DFM, mountings will be flush to protect sensitive electronic parts from the elements.

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LMC is a Trusted Electronics Manufacturing Partner

LMC is an all-in-one manufacturing partner that is committed to solving your most complicated problems with expertise and creative engineering. Between our dedication to pursuing new technology and techniques to keep up with innovation and rapid advancements, and our extensive logistics and supply chain support, we take pride in offering you world-class manufacturing services every step of the way.
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