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What types of applications are a good fit for recycled resin? I want to increase the sustainability of my products and need to know what I should consider when evaluating my choices.

Post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) are becoming more widely adopted among makers of plastic injection molded products. There are many advantages of using PCRs in your process. First, there is no difference in the quality of the end product—you can still have a high-end finished part when using recycled resins. The most commonly used PCRs are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). For help with material selection in your application, get connected with one of our experts to discuss your specific needs.

How do I choose which stamping process is right for my parts?

Progressive die stamping, deep draw stamping, in-die assembly, fineblanking…there are many different stamping techniques to choose from when it comes to how your parts will be made. The complexity of your part and the shape required is what mainly helps us decide which technique is right for your application. For example, progressive die stamping works well on parts with multiple piercings, flatter shapes, and multiple forms. For stampings that are taller or deeper than half of an inch, deep draw stamping can be a good choice. It all comes down to your application and your parts. We can help you make these decisions by discussing the specifics of your project.

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