Precision Metal Stamping

If you’re seeking a contract supplier who can provide headache-free precision metal stamping services, then look no further.

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Full-Service Precision Metal Stamping

We’ve created our process to suit our customers’ priorities. Here’s how we do it.

Engineering Support

We optimize designs for manufacturability and work directly with your team to make your parts run like clockwork. Bring us your problematic programs, and we’ll transform them into profitable ones.

Production Capacity

We have plenty of capacity with 20 stamping presses housed in 86,000 square feet of production space.

Quality Control

Critical parts demand a critical eye. We combine technology with human expertise to ensure each stamped part meets specifications and upholds the quality your brand is known for.

metal stamping

Innovation often means that manufacturers have to get comfortable handling more complexity. Any supplier can deliver run-of-the-mill results when it comes to precision metal stamping production. We go beyond what’s expected to bring you unparalleled quality…and priceless peace of mind.

Tool & Die Capabilities

We know that your tooling represents a major investment in your business. We safeguard that investment with our fully-equipped onsite tooling department.

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Plastic Overmolding

Once parts are stamped, many of them are destined to have plastic overmolding added to create a finished product. We perform plastic overmolding and metal stamping under one roof to simplify your process.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Have a diversified product mix that includes injection molded parts? We can help.

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Industries Served

Many essential industries rely on metal stampings for products that help people get where they need to go, enhance their lives, and keep them safe. Here are a few of the key markets we serve with our precision metal stamping capabilities.

Certifications and Approvals

Re-engineer your precision metal stamping results today.

Turn your problematic parts program into a profitable one…or make your next new product line a success. Tell us about your project to get started with a quote today!

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