In-Die Tapping

In-die tapping produces threads on the inside of a drilled hole in a part so that a fastener can be inserted to hold the component in place in the final application.

In-Die Tapping Services

In-die tapping produces threaded holes in stamped metal components during the stamping process, which can deliver several advantages when done right. Here’s how we ensure you reap the benefits of this advanced process.

Proper Tap and Workpiece Positioning

To yield in-spec results for metal stampings requiring in-die tapping, we combine smart tooling design with visual technology verification to ensure proper placement of threaded holes on your parts. You’ll rest assured that your finished stampings fit perfectly against their mating parts when placed in your application.

Proactive Design for Manufacturability

When parts are tapped, a small pucker results in the material on both faces of the part where the threaded hole terminates. This can cause issues when the finished part needs to sit flush against a mating part in an assembly and cause binding issues when fasteners are installed. We often counteract this effect by coining the area where the hole will be tapped, creating a small depression so the resulting pucker will not cause issues with the finished part. This is just one example of the details we consider when approaching your in-die tapping project.

Efficiency for Complex Parts

Similar to progressive die stamping, in-die tapping saves valuable time in your manufacturing process and enhances the repeatability of your parts.

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Tool & Die Capabilities

In-die tapping requires tooling expertise for great execution. We assess, repair, and maintain your dies so you get the maximum life from your tooling.

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Plastic Overmolding

Tighten your lead times and minimize transportation costs by having your stampings turned into finished parts right here in our facility.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Have a diversified product mix that includes injection molded parts? We can help.

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Common Metal Stamping Parts


Electric Golf Cart Solenoid Housing

This complex part serves as a housing for solenoids on electric golf carts. The solenoid is a coil of conductive wire that converts electrical energy into mechanical work; in this application, it is a critical component that allows the golf cart to operate. The housing is a deep drawn part that is hit several times during the progressive die stamping process. After stamping, it is zinc plated by one of our metal finishing partners before being returned to LMC for overmolding of the plastic feet. The plastic serves as insulation for the solenoid.


Horn Plate Assemblies

We used mistake proofing (poka yoke) principles to ensure these complex assemblies held tolerances in the finished product.


Poultry Feeder Systems

We worked with an agricultural equipment OEM and our chain supplier to overmold plastic discs onto the chain. This unique product helps provide even distribution of feed for all birds in an operation that uses a chain feeder system.

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