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The Role of Agricultural Plastic Products

Agricultural plastic products have revolutionized the farming industry with cost-effective and efficient manufacturing solutions for farmers. From feeding and watering systems to tractors and other harvesting equipment, plastic has become an essential component in a variety of modern agricultural applications.

Due to its ability to produce large quantities of durable parts, injection molding is often the method of choice when it comes to manufacturing agricultural plastic products. Because these parts must meet tight tolerances and be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, particularly when used in livestock operations and heavy equipment, it’s essential to work with an injection molding partner who understands the specific roles of plastics in the agricultural industry.

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Agricultural Plastic Products in Livestock Operations

The feeding and watering systems involved in livestock operations can be some of the most complex systems on a farm. With complicated designs and hundreds of parts, plastic components in these systems must be able to perform reliably without leaks or defects. The resins used to produce these parts must also be both up to the challenge of withstanding the unique conditions involved and provide a level of safety for the livestock. 

Specialty resins that can withstand the unique conditions in livestock feeding should be used to ensure system integrity. Openings that are too wide or parts that don’t fit together properly can result in leaks or other malfunctions, leading to potentially harmful contamination risks for livestock.

The right plastics manufacturing partner will be able to meet these challenges and provide custom manufacturing solutions in order to produce parts that fit your unique requirements. 

Plastic Components in Tractors

The reliable functioning of farming equipment is essential to any agricultural operation. Agricultural plastic products utilized in tractors and other machines must be able to provide an exceptionally high level of mechanical strength and durability, as well as continue to perform under harsh conditions such as high temperatures or exposure to a variety of chemical substances.

Minimal variations are essential when it comes to agricultural plastic products used in heavy farm equipment. High-quality plastic products have the ability to both enhance the performance and lengthen the lifespan of the machinery, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the farming operation. With fewer repairs and part replacements required, agricultural plastic products can also help save money and avoid potentially devastating operational disruptions.

Why Choose Injection Molding for Agricultural Plastic Products?

Stronger and more durable than metal, injection-molded agricultural plastic parts exhibit superior mechanical strength and chemical resistance when compared to metal, making them ideal for agricultural applications. 

Injection molding is a highly repeatable and mostly automated process that can create large quantities of high-quality plastic products with minimal variations and defects. This contributes to lowering the costs related to agricultural equipment, resulting in better cost-effectiveness throughout the agricultural industry.

Injection molding is also capable of producing the complex shapes often required in feeding and watering systems and tractors without compromising on quality or performance. Due to this, injection molding has enabled innovations such as drip irrigation systems, which contribute to higher crop yields.

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LMC Meets the Demands of Agricultural Plastic Products

When it comes to manufacturing agricultural plastic products, durability, precision, and smart logistics are essential. At LMC, we aim to deliver all three so that you can focus on what you do best rather than spending time on equipment repairs and maintenance. For our agricultural partners, we go above and beyond with services that include:

  • Working with expert field representatives to forecast your needs
  • Partnering with aw materials suppliers to ensure access to the right polymers for your specific application
  • Producing injection-molded parts with tight tolerances that are tested for micrometric precision
  • And robust quality control systems to ensure part integrity

We commit ourselves to defect-free production of plastic parts for a wide range of sectors, including the agricultural industry. With capabilities that range from design for manufacturability and prototyping to assembly & finishing and logistics, we aim to be an all-in-one solution for your plastics manufacturing needs. 

Reach out today to find out how we can help support your agricultural operations.

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