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Logistics Support Services: Get Your Parts When and How You Need Them

The need for quality parts is a given. But logistical support can add efficiency and elevate your operation.

Logistics and manufacturing are closely integrated and can significantly impact one another. As a manufacturer, your supply chain is your lifeline. Any weaknesses there cost you time and money and can hamstring your entire production operation. Logistics support services alleviate those concerns and can improve your internal processes.

Many companies have already discovered how working with a trusted contract manufacturer has proven to be a reliable method for obtaining key parts and assemblies essential to their end products. But when that contract partner can do more than produce high-quality parts, it opens up new opportunities for your business to further optimize and save both time and money.

Having a logistical support team removes the guesswork in instituting improvements and streamlining how your parts and products arrive — both to your facility and further downstream. You can work with them to quickly identify ways to shorten lead times and improve overall efficiency.

Let’s examine some specific logistic support services and how they serve manufacturers looking to get the most out of manufacturing relationships.

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Get More Than Parts with Logistical Support Services

If you’re relying on or have come to trust a contract manufacturing partner, it’s no revelation that part quality and adhering to timelines are of the utmost importance. But the right partner can elevate the process with additional services that consolidate needs, streamline processes, and add resiliency to your supply chain.

With ever-evolving competition, businesses need support not just in acquiring the parts and assemblies they need — but in also coordinating the logistics of bringing them all together. Navigating the challenges inherent in logistics management is made easier with a supplier that acts as a third-party logistics support partner to supply specialized experience in both diversified manufacturing capabilities and handling services. 

At LMC Industries we understand how important logistics are to your success and how creative solutions move the needle for you. We offer a wide array of logistics support services to enable your products to smoothly transition through every stage of the supply chain. 

Warehousing & Shipping

Delivering high-quality parts on time is job No. 1 for any contract manufacturer. But with warehousing and inventory support, the right partner can help you save time, money, and space while optimizing your own production. Let your partner handle the warehousing of parts, until they’re needed, to save on the cost of storing and handling products within your own facility. By delivering the required parts and materials to a manufacturing location for in-plant lineside replenishment, we enable your operation to stay lean and streamlined.

The LMC Industries Difference — With nearly 250,000 square feet of space in our facility, we have enough room to provide the warehousing and inventory support you need. Our experienced logistics team members know how to help ensure the job gets done.


Remove the burden of work that comes from the consolidation of similar items for final use. Kitting services combine finished products with additional accessories and other parts, as well as final packaging. By relying on a logistics support partner, you’ll relieve your facility of these tasks and have experts to ensure the ‘open box’ experience is a positive one.

The LMC Industries Difference — If your products require a combination of separate parts, our team has assisted many customers by kitting in our facility. Your end users (or the team on the next step of the manufacturing process) will appreciate the quality presentation.

Material Sourcing

From ensuring the right materials are available to managing purchase orders, the right logistics support partner will have processes and practices to minimize costs and lead times at each stage of your supply chain. They can leverage these practices with supplier setup standards to ensure you’ll always have access to get the precise materials you need. 

The LMC Industries Difference — We work proactively using our ASN (advance ship notice) certification, strong relationships with quality suppliers, and dual sourcing of raw materials to deliver premier logistics support.

Assembly & Finishing Services

Go beyond kitting with support for assembling parts into components used in the end product and finishing options to ensure they’re in a ready-to-ship state. Relying on a logistics partner offers savings in space and labor for your business, but it also helps coordinate the preparation of parts to maximize the efficiency of the assembly process.

The LMC Industries DifferenceOur assembly services include many value-adding elements. We can store components manufactured elsewhere, and then assemble them with the part we produce onsite. We also offer thermal processing, thanks to a strong partnership with an industry-leading heat treating and metal finishing company located just a few miles from our plant. 

Need Metal Stamping? Here’s What to Look For:  The right contract manufacturer provides the ability to embrace design choices and stand out from competitors with versatile functionality.

LMC Industries Delivers Part Quality and Logistical Support 

LMC Industries has more than 70 years of experience in taking complex manufacturing projects and making them simple. In that time, we’ve remained a family-owned business still driven by our core principles of dedication, innovation, service, and manufacturability.

Manufacturing is complicated, but working with the right supplier doesn’t have to be. With a wide range of capabilities in metals and plastics, we help you consolidate service providers and unlock a host of benefits. While we offer strong logistical support services, we can also aid you at the beginning of the manufacturing process with extensive engineering assistance as well. 

Connect with LMC Industries today to learn how we can transform your logistical headaches into a smooth-running parts program.

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