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Address Your Needs With Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

With demand growing, the medical sector is increasingly turning to external sources for production.

Medical device contract manufacturing has evolved into a critical component of how the medical industry meets the challenges of today. Medical device and part OEMs have discovered the need to outsource manufacturing to address key areas of production, such as molding, assembly, or even design. These contract manufacturing services are becoming a larger part of the medical industry as a whole. The rapidly growing market for such services is projected to enjoy a CAGR of 10.8 percent over the next five years and nearly double in size.  

This growth, and increased dependency on outsourced manufacturing partners that comes with it, is being driven by a number of factors:

  • Longer life expectancy — It’s a simple matter that people around the globe are living longer — some estimates put the increase more than six years between 2000 and 2019 alone — and a larger older population has driven the need for more medical devices for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home use.
  • Growth of ‘Lifestyle’ disorders — Disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension have increased in frequency. This means there is more demand for things like glucose and blood pressure monitoring systems that can be used at home for patients treating long-term ailments.
  • Increase in MedTech startups — Technological advancements and an aging population with long-term diseases and disorders have combined to create a fertile environment for new medical tech startups to create business plans around new ideas. While they may have a vision, these startups may not have the manufacturing capability to execute production.
  • More focus on research and innovation — Companies are continually looking for new items, devices, and products to address current and future medical issues. By outsourcing manufacturing, these companies can double down on research initiatives and still maintain a profitable price point for the final product. 

Let’s examine the ways medical device contract manufacturing serves those developing the products we need for better health, and how to distinguish a quality partner.

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The Responsibilities of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Any outsourced manufacturing partner needs to be able to deliver high-quality parts while meeting the necessary timelines. Medical device manufacturers also need to address other specific responsibilities and in doing so allow medical companies to further invest in developing new solutions. They can specialize in certain areas or even provide end-to-end solutions to OEMs that cover the entire production cycle: 

  • Design & Development 
  • Component & Device Manufacturing
  • Process Validation & Verification
  • Packaging

The right contract manufacturer should be able to handle all of those responsibilities to simplify the entire process and provide one point of contact for streamlining resource allocation. With one manufacturing partner, medical companies and OEMs can enjoy a host of benefits fostered by the relationship.

Cost Optimization

A primary benefit of medical device contract manufacturing is the cost savings they offer. For example, working with a plastic injection molding partner for the production of syringes or over-molded surgical equipment can save the medical company the need to invest in an exclusive product assembly line or skilled labor. 

Regulatory Process Support

Since contract manufacturing companies may be locally located and are certified by national regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration, they are well-versed in the regulatory process of medical devices. Such partners offer assistance in gaining approval for new devices and components by providing the necessary documentation required for filing regulatory documents.

More Bandwidth for Improvement

Contract manufacturers should also have the expertise and capability to help improve the final product’s design, or its ability to be manufactured. Your manufacturing partner knows how to MAKE products and has the tooling, technology, and people to apply Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles to your medical device production.  

Take Your Tooling Further:  From analysis and design to preventive maintenance, and more, support for tooling furthers your investment.

Improve Your Manufacturing Health With LMC Industries 

With more than 70 years of experience in turning complex manufacturing projects into completed projects, LMC Industries can deliver the medical device contract manufacturing services you need to stay on budget and on time.

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Clean Rooms — We have the space to build modular cleanrooms within our facility, or, for larger projects, we have cleanroom production space available.

Kitting & Logistics — Our team, expertise, and warehousing space make assembling kits, packaging items in specific quantities, or shipping them to your end customer possible.

Quality Processes — Our QA team, technology, and tooling capabilities deliver products that are flash and defect-free.

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