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Having been around for decades, LMC Industries has been advancing its technologies and capabilities since its inception. From the medical to the agricultural industry and from plastic injection molding to metal stamping, we have seen projects in all industries. Between our extensive experience, our advanced technology, and our unmatched customer service, it is no wonder so many companies are choosing LMC Industries as their St. Louis manufacturing partner. If you are ready to work with us, learn more, or contact us today. 

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With Us, Your Consumer Products Will be Error-Free

At LMC Industries, we know how important it is that your consumer products are durable and safe. With repeated use, and being meant to last for years, it is important you choose a contract manufacturer who can meet all of your needs. We have experience in a variety of capabilities, including metal stampinginjection molding, tool and die, and finishing and assembly, allowing us to take your product from start to finish.   

Metal Stamping

Efficiency and quality are always our top priority and we make sure all of our precision metal parts are created with these priorities in mind.

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Injection Molding

Robust tooling and a highly engineered design ensure your plastic injection molded product is of the highest quality.

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Tool and Die

Preventative maintenance and repairs are crucial to extending the life and improving the functionality of your product, at LMC Industries, we make sure your equipment is always in good shape.

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Going Above and Beyond for Your Organization

What Can LMC Industries Do for You?

LMC Industries doesn’t just have capabilities in the consumer products industry. With decades under our belt, we have vast experience in the agriculture, automotive, electronics, medical, hand tools, and consumer product industries. Regardless of what you need, we can help you find a solution.  

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