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Plastic Injection Molding


If you’re running full production quantities, conducting research and development, or working on converting metal parts to engineered plastic materials, LMC Industries has the full-scale plastic injection molding capabilities to support you. We have over 140,000 square feet of production space and more than 60 pieces of vertical and horizontal injection molding equipment ranging from 85 to 850 tons for insert overmolded parts.

Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

  • Part design optimization. Experiencing production challenges? Our team of experienced in-house engineers will collaborate with your team to ensure your part designs are optimized for manufacturability. 
  • Robotics and automation. Turnaround times are always a chief concern for our customers. We deliver by maximizing throughput, accuracy, and efficiency in our operation with the use of robotics and automation. 
  • Prototyping. Innovation is key to the ongoing success of your manufacturing business. We support your research and development efforts with our prototyping capabilities, allowing you to test and vet new part designs, configurations, and materials.
  • Engineered and specialty resins. Need specialized materials? In addition to working with conventional commodity resins, we are experts in engineered and specialty resins that provide the extra durability and precision you need for advanced applications.


Value-Added Processes for Plastic Injection Molding

FEATURED CAPABILITY : Plastic overmolding and insert molding for metal stampings

LMC Industries has an entire metal stamping division with over 86,000 sq ft of production space right under our roof, helping you reduce complexity in your process, shorten turnaround time, and more.

  • Packaging
  • Assembly 

The LMC Industries Advantage

Any supplier can deliver run-of-the-mill results when it comes to injection molding production. We go beyond what’s expected to bring you unparalleled quality…and priceless peace of mind.

Engineering. With over a century of combined industry experience, our engineering team partners with yours to optimize your parts for manufacturability and solve problems that other suppliers can’t.

Quality. Our quality team is like a fine mesh sieve—only the creme de la creme gets through so your customers (and end consumers) stay satisfied and safe. LMC proudly maintains ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certifications.

Secondary Processing. With headquarters just outside St. Louis, MO, we have well-developed partnerships with internationally respected processors in heat treating, chrome plating, and more.


Tooling Support

We know that your tooling represents a major investment in your business. We safeguard that investment with our fully-equipped onsite tooling department, which features the following capabilities:

  • Mold maintenance. Our structured mold maintenance program ensures that your plastic injection molds stay in peak condition throughout the life of your part program. This includes regular cleaning, visual inspections, and measurements and is all documented for your reference. 
  • Mold evaluation. If you’re starting up a new program, ensuring your mold is in proper condition is the key to getting started on the right foot. We conduct a thorough inspection of your mold and can make any necessary repairs or adjustments (usually in-house) so your parts roll off the production line accurately from the first piece to the millionth. 


Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Outdoor power
  • HVAC
  • Appliance
  • Lawn & garden
  • Sporting Goods
  • Research & Development/Prototyping


Gain peace of mind with a plastic injection molding partner you can trust.

If your current plastic injection molding partner is failing to meet your expectations, then our team can help. Get in touch with an LMC Industries expert today to discuss your challenges, and we’ll get to work solving them together.

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