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Building Metal Forming Equipment for Sun Visor Assemblies

The sun visor in an automobile is a safety-critical component because if the visor breaks while a vehicle is in motion, it could hit the driver or passengers in the face, causing distraction or injury that could lead to a collision. If it fails during a collision, it could cause further injury to the people in the vehicle as well. That’s why it’s so important that sun visor assembly parts meet specifications every time.

We had been working with another supplier to provide us with the formed metal arms for sun visor assemblies that were being overmolded in our facility. We were starting to experience some friction in the relationship with the supplier because they had been driving up the cost of the parts while we were also experiencing some issues with parts arriving out of tolerance.

Our engineering team got to thinking: what if we could form our own metal arms in house? We knew that this operation couldn’t be done on any of our existing equipment, so we began building our own. 

While building the equipment to perform the bending to form the metal tubing into shape and tap the requisite holes, we also set our minds to the quality assurance process. One of the challenges of this application was that there could be no burrs present on the inside of the metal tubing where the holes were tapped because the electronic wiring for the vanity light needed to be run through it. If burring was present, it could potentially cause the wires to fray, which would make the light stop working.

Our quality team implemented a vision system along with physical and mechanical sensors to ensure the inside of the formed metal tubes were free of burring.

Today, we’re still producing these parts in our facility. Bringing the metal forming operation in-house on our customized equipment also helped our customer because not only are they now receiving better quality parts, but they were also able to reduce a link in their supply chain, which has shortened lead times and simplified their process.

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