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We’re dedicated to the continuous pursuit of perfection in manufacturing and to building a relationship with you that helps you grow your business.

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LMC Industries is committed to becoming the most customer-centric company in plastic and metal part manufacturing and assembly. Everything our teams do is to help you make the highest quality parts so that your business and your brand can thrive. We work collaboratively, inspiring creativity and relationships that re-engineer what is possible.

A Message from Our Leadership

People’s jobs and livelihoods depend on the continued growth and success of North American manufacturing, and you need supplier partners who support you by producing quality parts, helping you solve problems, and continuously improving. We know that many companies choose to work with overseas suppliers because of the cost savings, but they often sacrifice precision, speed, and ease in the process…which creates headaches for their teams and can even put the safety of end users in jeopardy.  

We’re here to help make your job easier and to help you make better products today than you did yesterday. Your reputation hangs on the quality and safety of your components, and when you partner with us, you’ll rest assured that you have someone in your corner making sure that things can only get better. 

We are grateful for our loyal customers who have enabled us to grow since our founding in 1945. Our team will continue to support you by pushing the boundaries of innovation and manufacturability. Thank you for your interest in LMC Industries, and if you’re not already a customer, we would be honored by the opportunity to serve you.


Paul Lemke, President & CEO

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Bring us complexity, and we’ll deliver simplicity for your metal stamping, plastic molding, and insert molding projects. 

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